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Haus Wylerberg - a poignant history

Enjoying the free Sunday brought us at the former porter’s lodge of house “Wylerberg” in the village Berg en Dal. The estate once belonged to miss Marie Schuster who, in the years leading towards the second worldwar, helped Jews to escape Nazi Germany. During the war she hid so called “Entartete” Art in her landhouse next to this porter’s lodge. These were pieces of art which the Nazi’s considered of not living up to National Socialist standards. During the war the landhouse was badly damaged and all her work of art disappeared…

After the war the Dutch government was not convinced that Marie was a good German. Only after mediation of a British diplomat she received her money and property back from the Dutch government. She died in 1949 in the porter’s lodge show below. Her original home was rebuilt after the war and sold by the family in 1965 to the Dutch state.

Standing next to the house still shows the outer walls with the war damage done by shrapnel.

Haus Wylerberg. These days hausing the "Nederlands Cultuurlandschap".

Porter's lodge of Haus Wylerberg where Marie Schuster lived the last years of her live.

Information plaque next to the porter's lodge.

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